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About this wiki

This is my wiki, for me to store, create and share documents. That's pretty much it.

There are several benefits of using a Wiki; it makes your research more accessible to others, and easier for others to submit to you corrections, you can keep all your sources together, and you can demonstrate to others the value of the knowledge you have collected.

Over time, this wiki has become my own clearinghouse of papers I have reviewed, academic papers I have written, and to house to my Masters.

Ongoing projects

Ongoing projects

GC Web 2.0 Assessment
What is Web 2.0 to the GOC?
August 2008


GC Web 2.0 Analysis
What is the status of Web 2.0 at the GOC?
December 2008


GC Web 2.0 Action plan
How to proceed with Web 2.0 in GOC?
June 2009

Support pages

Web 2.0 Sources
Sources on Web 2.0 in Journals, Media, Books
50 sources in PDF format


GC Web 2.0 Inventory
Web 2.0 practices in GOC
~20 URLs identified, categorised


GC Web 2.0 Tools
Files and resources for your Web 2.0 projects

My papers
My previous academic papers

How you can help
Needs input
Needs verification
Needs 'somethin'

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